Race-Related Stress and Academic Attainment:

How Discrimination Gets Under the Skin and Into the Mind

Emma K. Adam, Professor, Human Development and Social Policy
School of Education and Social Policy, and Faculty Fellow,
Institute for Policy Research, Northwestern University

Recent theory and research suggests that unequal treatment of racial/ethnic minorities in daily life, known as everyday discrimination, affects biology in ways that have small but cumulative negative effects.  Discrimination, along with other forms of race-related stress, affect biological processes such as stress hormones and sleep, which are important for health and daily performance.
This talk will explore new theories and data on how race-related stress “gets under the skin” to affect stress biology, health, cognition and academic performance, including data from a 20-year-long study linking racial discrimination experiences in adolescence to stress biology and academic attainment in adulthood. Factors which protect against the negative effects of discrimination on stress biology, health and achievement are also discussed.

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WEDNESDAY, April 20, 2016
6:30—8:00 pm
The Firehouse Grill, 2nd Floor
750 Chicago Ave., Evanston 60202

Race-Related Stress
Race-Related Stress and Academic Attainment: How Discrimination Gets Under the Skin and Into the Mind
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The Firehouse Grill
750 Chicago Ave., Evanston 60202


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