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February 26, 2020

How Manmade Chemicals are Altering Our Microbial World

Erica Hartmann
Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
McCormick School of Engineering

6:30—8:00 pm
The Firehouse Grill, 2nd Floor
750 Chicago Ave., Evanston 60202

Microbes are microscopic organisms that exist in single-celled form or in a colony/community of cells. Our world is composed of a variety of physical and chemical stimulus that create conditions resulting in life or death for microbes and changes the behaviors of surviving microbes. As humans, we manipulate the microbial landscape through the chemicals we use in our everyday lives. For example, antibiotic drugs and antimicrobial additives induce changes in the structures and functions of microbial communities. These chemicals favor the proliferation of certain microbes over others which select for traits like antibiotic resistance in the human body and in the environment. The consequences of antimicrobial chemicals are widespread. Come and learn more about what is invisibly happening that affects your world and your life every day!

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